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For Maori people, this Disc signifies their belief that the world has neither beginning nor end. It also represents the dynamic nature of several aspects of life, such as seasons, relationships, health, and energy, among others. It is perfect for someone who wants to have inner peace and balance. The Porowhita symbolises the never ending journey of discovery and re-discovery as we progress through life. It stands with the belief that our journey has no beginning and no end, and that the life span of both human and nature provides limitless opportunities to attempt and achieve our goals.

Genuine New Zealand Pounamu (Greenstone), sourced  from the South Island NZ. Pounamu is of great cultural significance for Maori and is believed to enhance mana (prestige) of its possessor. When received as a gift Pounamu is said to gain value as a special treasure. A protective stone and a symbol of love, friendship and appreciation for another person It is a lovely soothing heart based stone that may ease stress and depression.

Pounamu Greenstone Porowhita (Disc) Pendant

SKU: DW453s

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