What is CBTA and LAMS?



Competency-based training and assessment (CBTA)



Competency-based training and assessment gives you an option to have your riding skills assessed by Gordon an approved assessor instead of taking the practical riding test through the Drivers Licencing Agency.


CBTA is a way to ensure you’re a competent rider

Instead of taking a practical test at the restricted and full stages of your licence through the AA or VTNZ, you can choose to have your riding skills assessed by Gordon of Eduquip Motorcycle School an approved CBTA assessor.

Although training isn't compulsory, we recommend you complete training before attempting the assessment ride. This will ensure that you have the necessary riding skills and you're fully prepared to pass the test.

The assessments are designed to ensure you're competent in a prescribed range of riding skills, which are important to keep you safe when riding on our roads.


There are a number of benefits

If you choose the CBTA option through Eduquip Motorcycle School:

  • it can reduce the time by up to ONE YEAR that it takes you to gain your full motorcycle licence 

  • Save SIX MONTHS between your 6L Learners Licence and 6R Restricted Licence (provided you are 16.5+ years old)

  • Save SIX MONTHS between your 6R Restricted Licence and your 6F Full Licence

  • Completing the CBTA course is the only way you can reduce the required minimum time during the learner and restricted licence stages

  • it improves your riding skill levels by targeting high-risk riding behaviours, which allows for a safer road system for you and other road users

  • When you choose to do your training through Eduquip Motorcycle School an approved CBTA assessor, you'll get feedback on your riding skills and you'll get tips on how to ride smarter and safer. These improvements will help prepare you for the CBTA assessment, and help you make smarter choices on the road.



There is no minimum wait period between obtaining your 6L Learners Licence and sitting your 6R Restricted Licence if you are older  than 16.5Yrs



Once you hold your 6R Restricted Licence you are then eligible to proceed to the next stage and sit your 6F Full Licence test after holding your 6R Restricted Licence for Nine Months.

However you will be required to wait for one year from the date of issue of your 6R Restricted Licence before you can have the 6F Licence endorsed on your record.


We recommend that you book in for the Combined Courses or the Comprehensive Course to ensure that you are up to speed to pass the tests.




What is LAMS?



Two types of LAMS motorcycles

LAMS-approved motorcycles

See the full list of LAMS-approved motorcycles



LAMS-approved motorcycles include:

  • All motorcycles with engine capacities of 250cc and under, except for those on the LAMS-prohibited list above.

  • Fully electric powered motorcycles with a power-to-weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne and under (this includes all fully electric powered motorcycles registered on New Zealand's Motor Vehicle Register as of 1 June 2012).

  • All motorcycles manufactured prior to 1960 with an engine capacity of 660cc and under.

  • The following list of motorcycles with engine capacities between 251cc and 660cc – these motorcycles must be in standard form as produced by the manufacturer. They cannot be modified in any way to increase the power-to-weight ratio.

Note: The following list currently displays the more current models available in the New Zealand market. It will be updated as other models, both old and new, are approved by the NZ Transport Agency. Please ensure you pay close attention to the degree of specification in the list – for example, a Suzuki GSX650FU model is specified in the list, therefore is a LAMS-approved motorcycle. A Suzuki GSX650F is not on the list and is therefore not LAMS-approved.

LAMS-prohibited motorcycles

Some motorcycles with engine capacities of 250cc and under are prohibited for use by learner and restricted riders.

See the full list of LAMS-prohibited motorcycles





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