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About Us


Hi! We are Gordon and Beth Sherwood, owners of Eduquip Ltd and Heaven’s Assent, home to all things wellness.


Eduquip is a family-run small business that has been serving the larger community since 2003 through our bricks-and-mortar store set in the heart of the town centre, in beautiful Kawerau until our bulding sold causing us to relocate to nearby Edgecumbe setting up shop at the Riverslea Mall in May 2022. Our website showcases many of our unique wellness products that you would find in-store.


We have been married since 1984 and have 5 children and 9 grandchildren.


We are passionate about wellness and wellbeing and have designed our retail store and webstore around this passion.


Gordon joined Beth full-time in the store, in 2020 after sustaining a traumatic brain injury forcing him to close his motorcycle training school that had been his passion for 13 years. He brings his new found passion for rockhounding and working with natural stone with him. He sources New Zealand gemstones and tumbles and carves his own bespoke handmade Toki and pendants as well as re-lashing, and repairing broken or chipped taonga, these pendants are showcased on our Facebook page as they become available. You may find some on the website, you are welcome to enquire as to what is currently available. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow along on his adventures at “New Zealand Rocks Downunder”. He has enjoyed adding these skills to his skillset as they are therapy for him on his healing journey from a head injury.


Beth is an Aromatherapist and an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, as well as trained and experienced in several other modalities. She integrates this with her product range to ensure you can be equipped for your healing journey and surrounded with beautiful, restorative delights in your environment, whether at home or work. Her passion to be trained in Aromatherapy, included sharing her knowledge by developing her own unique product range for her retail store customers and are now available online.


Beth is kept busy in her spare time with a reasonable-sized organically grown herb garden, from which she makes her own herbal infusions that are used in her product range. Aroha is included in everything she makes.


Due to being passionate about the healing of the spirit and soul, Beth has designed products, in her Heaven's Ascent range, that help release trapped and stored emotion as well as shock and trauma from our cells. If these are not cleared, we can end up with areas of dis-ease and problems within our bodies. Clearing these is so important. These products have helped many people to freedom.



Her passion to see people walking in who they are designed to be, has led her to complete her training and certification in 2019 as an EFTC Practitioner. She now offers healing sessions for releasing trapped emotions, tapping, and clearing energetic blockages.


Together Gordon and Beth bring a unique offering and skillset for you to enjoy. They love meeting you all instore or online.

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