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Synergy Blends, Detox, Bath Salts, and Support

Synergy Blends
Detox Products

Synergy Blends

Our Synergy Blends are in rollerball bottles ready to be used with a carrier oil infused with each blend making them safe to use straight away. These can be rolled onto the back of the neck, hands or feet and any of the pulse points on the body. Roll onto hands and rub together and breathe in the resulting aromatic release. When oils are blended together they can create an enhanced blend – the whole becoming greater than the sum of the parts. Oils blended harmoniously are called a "synergy". These 100% pure and natural blends provide added benefits for your well being, from‘relaxing’ to ‘uplifting’ and beyond.

Detox Bath Salts and Support

In today’s stress-driven world, we all can benefit from soaking in a nice warm bath. One that is infused with herbs, scents, oils, and Epsom salts, that will help you release toxins and the build-up of stress from your body. Thus, enabling a much-needed restful sleep. Each Bath Soak comes with a reusable mesh drawstring bag that can be placed straight in a full warm bath or a smaller foot-bath for you to sit back, soak and relax in, allowing all the aromas, oils and benefits to leach out into the warm water and into your skin. Each one comes in a beautiful glass jar or in an economic cellophane packet.

Heaven's Ascent Anointing Oils

Traditionally used for spiritual anointing and connection, as well as healing.
A must for everyone. Use when dedicating, cleansing, clearing, blessing, healing or committal of last rights.

Heaven's Ascent Balms

As I also have a reasonable-sized organically grown herb garden, I make my own herbal infusions that are used in my Balms and Salves product range. These are not only grown in my organic herb garden but harvested, dried and infused with carrier oils between 3 to 4 months. Making this range extra therapeutic. And of course Aroha is included in everything I make.

Heaven's Ascent Emotional Support

As I am passionate about the healing of the spirit and soul, I have designed products, in the range, that help release trapped and stored emotion as well as shock and trauma from our cells. If these are not cleared, we can end up with areas of disease and problems within our bodies. Clearing these is so important. These products have helped many people to freedom.