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The Wonders of Water Features

What are the benefits of an indoor water fountain?

Eduquip stock beautiful water features to suit any size house. These have more health benefits than just their decorative appeal.

Sitting on a beach watching and listening to the waves rolling in or standing near a waterfall and listening to the sound are natural stress relievers for humans.

The advantage of owning an indoor water feature is you don’t have to go anywhere outside of your home or office to enjoy it.

The benefits of watching one for yourself are relaxing the body, which reduces the blood pressure and heart rate, and you are able to think more clearly. They are also an ideal aid to meditation to help you achieve a calm and clear state of mind.

A water feature is an ideal focal point for a room or outdoor space; the sound and visual effect of falling water is very soothing. The variety of features available will allow you to easily find a suitable style to fit in with your décor or garden. Some even include lighting to allow you to enjoy an added effect of lit water in the evenings.

Another advantage of owning a water feature is they add negative ions to the air. While positive ions, which come from computers, televisions, and air conditioners can make you feel irritable, depressed, and tired, the negative ions from the moving water can increase oxygen flow to the brain and make you feel more alert and happier.

Negative ions help purify the air, removing 95% of bacteria and allergens which can help anyone suffering from asthma or who have seasonal allergies. On top of this purifying effect, the water feature can help to return moisture to the air, increasing air quality for humans, pets, and plants. In scientific terms, the countryside has between 2000 and 4000 negative ions per square centimetre, whereas a big city will only have up to 100 and a room with a running air conditioner can have close to none.

Water features are also known in Feng Shui. This is where you look at each aspect of your room or house for the energy layout. As water is moving in a water feature it is moving the energy around which is seen as beneficial.

All our water features come with a small electric pump. You just connect it together and add water. Remember to refill as needed.

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