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Trapped Emotions

Trapped Emotions: A Real Problem

Our lives are filled with colour because of the emotions we experience. Life would be dull without emotions. As much as they contribute to the vibrancy of our lives it is also possible for them to wreak havoc in our lives. This happens when they become "trapped."

What is a Trapped Emotion?

An emotion that was not correctly identified and then allowed to process in an appropriate manner at the time of the incident becomes stuck and held in the body as a ball of energy. This is what is referred to as a "trapped emotion." Most people have many of these stuck energies in their bodies. These trapped energies have the potential to wreak a lot of havoc in the body if they are not dealt with properly.


Why Emotions Become Stuck

We live in societies that, in many cases, encourage us to suppress our emotions. We may be told by society or within our families the following types of things. "You shouldn't be angry." "You are weak if you cry." "It is disrespectful to disagree." All of these types of beliefs can cause us to Bury our emotions deep within. We may think we have dealt with an emotion when in reality we have just repressed the emotion.

Another reason for repressing emotions is that an incident may be too painful or difficult to deal with at the time of the occurrence. The inner self goes into protection mode. We suppress to protect. Protection mode is also the reason why "heart walls" is created. Have you ever heard this: "Boys don't cry?" That created a "heart wall that needs to be released!

Examples of Trapped Emotions

-Depression, lethargy, fatigue - drain your energy

-Physical ailments - It is quite common for pain issues. Emotions repressed over a long period of time can cause serious illness.

-Overreacting - Have you ever found yourself overreacting to a situation to such a degree that it took you by surprise? It may have been with hurt or with sadness or tears. Overreacting is a sure sign of stuck emotions within.

-Underreacting in some situations

-Distorted perception. An innocent remark made by someone else can be taken as offensive because of a distorted perception caused by a trapped emotion.

-Negatively affects relationships

-Represses your ability to "move forward" spiritually

It is important to release Trapped Emotions. As you can see through the above examples, trapped emotions can cause a lot of problems! No need to continue this extra baggage. Lighten your load by getting yours released.

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